Fishermen robbed by pirates in Waini River


Police are investigating the armed robbery of a group of fishermen by six armed pirates which reportedly occurred at Kamwatta, Waini River in North West District (NWD) on March 10.

According to a police report, the fishermen claimed they were robbed of food, fuel, cell phones, and about $100,000 worth of fish, by men with firearms who spoke English and Spanish.

Those who were robbed are: 26-year-old Kumar Narine of Essequibo Coast; Joel D’Aguiar, 22, of Barima River NWD, and two juveniles, both of Barima River.

After the ordeal, the victims made their way to Morawhanna Police Station where they made a report late Saturday afternoon.  According to the police, arrangements are being made for them to be interviewed.


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