Over 700 Essequibians to become first-time homeowners


As the government continues to roll out its ambitious housing plan to deliver 10,000 house lots annually, in excess of 700 residents of the Essequibo Coast will soon be allocated lands for the construction of their houses in the coming weeks.

Further, close to half a billion dollars will be expended by the Ministry of Housing and Water – Central Housing & Planning Authority to ensure that these lands are accessible and outfitted with the necessary infrastructure, in due time.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal made the announcement on Wednesday during an engagement with residents of Onderneeming at the Suddie Primary School Annex.

In his address to residents, the Minister noted that these engagements are reflective of the government and his Ministry’s commitment to bringing services to the people.

“My engagement here shows how we have been operating as a ministry and as a government that is to come to you and bring service.”

Officials of the Housing Ministry during the meeting with residents of Onderneeming at the Suddie Primary School Annex (Photo: Ministry of Housing and Water)

Making specific reference to Onderneeming and its immediate environs, Minister Croal said that the government has been investing significantly in infrastructure development and moving forward, this will continue as plans are in train for the development of Phase Four which will see some 350 lots being allocated.

An additional 350 lots will also be allocated in Charity. With the opening of the new phase, the Minister told residents that infrastructure development will be done incrementally to bring the scheme up to par with others on the coastland.

Additionally, in the coming months, the Ministry will be overseeing the installation of solar street lamps in the community, while the Ministry will be engaging the Ministry of Home Affairs on the possibility of a Police outpost as this will be needed to the imminent expansion of the scheme.

Speaking to improving the overall housing services in the region, the Minister said a number of steps have been taken to bridge the gap, these include the boosting of staffing capacity in the region as well as a better working condition for the staff.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal

Also, residents were told that the Conveyancing Department is working assiduously to ensure that the backlog of titles be processed and distributed so that persons can move onto the next step of homeownership.

A commitment has also been made for the improvement of water quality and services on the Essequibo Coast, as the Minister said he is aware of the complaints about the level of service received in the area from the Guyana Water Incorporated.

As the government through the Guyana Water Inc. continue to work towards increasing coverage for treated water, the Minister said the Water Company and other arms of the government have been engaging other organization to meet the target for 95 % coverage for treated water, nationally. Currently, only 52 per cent of Guyana has access to treated water. (Ministry of Housing and Water press release)

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