Hundreds receive 1st, 2nd ‘COVID’ jabs at First Lady’s vaccination drive


Despite the inclement weather, scores of people turned up to receive their COVID-19 jabs at a vaccination drive hosted by First Lady, Arya Ali, on the Avenue of Main Street, Georgetown on Saturday.

The First Lady partnered with the Ministry of Health to host the one-day COVID-19 vaccination drive where health officials distributed both the second and first doses of the vaccine.

Despite downpours, and also supported by members of the joint services, the drive got off to a prompt start at 9:00hrs.

The First Lady herself took the second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, having taken the first dose on March 12, 2021.

In brief comments after taking the vaccine, Mrs. Ali said she experienced no side effects when she took her first dose and up to 15 minutes after the second dose.

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“I don’t think it is anything for anybody to worry about and side effects are also pretty normal so I still encourage everyone to come out and get vaccinated so we can go back to some normalcy,” the First Lady said.

Mrs. Ali said she saw it fitting to encourage other youths to come out and get vaccinated based on the low vaccination uptake among the younger population just two weeks ago.

“Get vaccinated. It is safe and it is the safest thing to a COVID-free environment,” she added.

Mrs Ali believes the response was “tremendous”. She said it is a sign of relief that normalcy will be returned soon and herd immunity can be achieved in Guyana.

Guyana commenced its COVID-19 immunisation campaign in February 2021.

(Photos by Reaaz Mathura/News Room)

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