Linden woman, son lived with mental illnesses for years – relative


A post mortem examination conducted on the body of Wanda Patricia Wilson, the Linden woman who was found dead in her Kara Kara, Mackenzie, Linden home on Tuesday, has given the cause of death as multiple injuries and multiple blunt trauma to the head and body.

The examination was performed by Government pathologist, Dr. Nehaul Singh at the Memorial Gardens Mortuary on Friday. The body was later handed over to relatives for burial.

Speaking with this publication on Friday, a relative who prefers not to be named, Wilson had lived with mental illnesses for years.

Her son, Hosia Ajadai, 26, who was suspected to have killed her died suddenly on Friday morning while still in Police custody. He complained of feeling unwell at the Police station and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The relative noted that the woman and her son should not have been living together alone given their illnesses.

They explained that Wilson, who was a patient attached to the psychiatric clinic at the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC) would be her normal self on occasions but would get sick at times. According to the relative, this was also the case for her son who had been a student of the Linden Technical Institute (LTI) some time prior to his death.

The relative noted that on occasions when he was in good spirits, he would attend the Technical Institute but then he would relapse and have to be taken for medical attention. The relative explained that Wilson and Ajadai had a very close relationship. They noted that Wilson also had another son, and he was suspected to have lived with a mental illness; he died a few years ago.

The relative explained that there had been a woman who would occasionally check on Wilson and Ajadai since most of their immediate family members reside overseas.

The relative said the woman had the responsibility of checking in on them occasionally, in addition to ensuring that the bills were paid for the house; this was reportedly funded by the relatives who lived overseas.

The relative noted however that it was unclear what the arrangement was at the time of their death as it had been a while since they were in contact with the now-deceased woman and her son. Prior to that arrangement, it was noted that another relative would assist in taking care of the two but she subsequently died years ago.

The relative explained however that they were saddened over the deaths of Wilson and her son, noting that it was a “hard blow”. The relative said after learning of the unfortunate incident on Tuesday, they made plans to visit Ajadai, who was being held at the Mackenzie Police Station Headquarters in Linden but was informed that he too had died the very morning they planned on visiting.

Ajadai was taken into custody on Tuesday night when the police found him in his home with the battered body of his mother.

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