Torginol Paints gives $5M to CDC’s flood relief fund


Guyana’s Civil Defence Commission (CDC) on Friday received a donation of $5 million from Torginol Paints towards the national flood relief efforts.

The simple handing over ceremony was held at the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG), Woolford Avenue, Georgetown.

The company’s Chief Operating Officer, Fenton Persaud, said that Torginol Paints, as a Guyanese company, felt obligated to give back to those families who are currently suffering losses due to the flooding.

“…we have seen the devastation and the suffering of our fellow Guyanese; over 29,000 households affected so we needed to make a donation,” Persaud said.

Persaud said the company is hoping to make another contribution when the floodwaters recede and Guyana kicks into recovery mode.

The CDC’s Public Information Officer, Patrice Wishart, said that the donation will go a far way in supporting the affected families.

“The CDC is tremendously grateful to the local businesses for their donation. They will go almost immediately to be disseminated to the various Regions across Guyana to those persons who are affected,” Wishart stated.

At present, he said, there is a need for water, water purification tablets, items for the shelters across the country, and more importantly food items.

Meanwhile, the CDC received other donations on Friday to aid flood relief efforts. They are as follows:

Cataleya Energy Limited: $1M

Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Limited: $500,000

North American Fire Insurance Co. Ltd: $250,000

Mr. Dean Hassan of Tesouro Resources: $1M

Caribbean Container Incorporated: $500,000

ETK Inc: $1M

Wine Cellar: $40,000

Sinohydro Corporation Limited: $1M, safety and PPEs, water

Genequip: General Equipment Guyana Ltd: $500,000

Farm Suppliers Limited: $500,000

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