Driver fakes robbery at Stabroek Market


Police have arrested a 26-year-old driver/salesman attached to Associated Brands, of ‘A’ Goedverwagting, East Coast Demerara, after he confessed to staging a robbery on Friday at the Stabroek Market in Georgetown.

Two of his accomplices, who he said “robbed” him, were also arrested and found to be in possession of $502,630 in cash.

According to a police report, the driver and two delivery men went to Stabroek Square to deliver the company’s products to their customers and receive money for same.

As deliveries were being made, the driver stayed in the enclosed tray of the truck (doors were left open) counting the day’s sale. He alleged that he was confronted by the two bandits who demanded that he handed over the cash. The driver said he complied and handed over the money, after which the bandits escaped north along Water Street.

According to the police, CCTV footage was reviewed but none supported the driver’s story.  When confronted, the driver confessed that he had concocted the story and that he took the day’s sales for himself.

He identified the colleagues who he arranged to collect the money from him; a party of policemen went to Regent Street where one of the identified co-conspirators was apprehended with a red backpack.

A search unearthed $502,630 in cash. When quizzed on how he got the money, the man said that same was given to him by the driver.

He was then arrested and escorted to Brickdam Police Station, where he was told of the allegation and cautioned.  They remain in custody as further investigations continue.

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