Cocaine, ganja, gun found next to hot dog stand in Charity


Police on the Essequibo Coast are investigating the circumstances surrounding the discovery of a bag of cocaine, marijuana and a 9mm pistol next to a hot dog stand in Nursery School Street, Charity.

A police report noted that the discovery was made on Monday at around 23:35hrs by a party of policemen. A further examination of the 9mm pistol revealed that it does not have a serial number.

The suspected narcotics and firearm were taken to the Charity Police Station where the cannabis was weighed and amounted to 40 grams while the suspected cocaine weighed 42 grams.

The hot dog stand where the illegal items were found
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  1. Matthew says

    Guy shoot he own self with no trigger guard on that ratty ole Saturday night special…….. As to the drugs…..looks like someone heard the ranks were comin and put down de goods.

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