$25 million in equipment to resolve deficiencies at Hydromet Service


A $25 million contract was Wednesday signed between the Hydromet Service and NT Computeac for the supply, delivery, and testing of new equipment aimed at reducing deficiencies at the Hydromet Service.

Climate services produced by the local Hydromet Service are currently rated at Category 3 within the World Meteorological Organisaton’s ranking, with Category 4 being the highest.

Guyana already has the needed employees but lacks the technology to elevate to the highest tier. The procurement of a Climate Model/Server, which the contract provides for, will set Guyana on the pathway to resolving this deficiency.

The Climate Model/Server will position the Hydromet Service to downscale and produce meteorological projected variables at the decadal and century timescale at 10-15 kilometer resolution.

These projected variables will be available to the public – similar to those already produced to assist in decision-making in key climate-sensitive sectors.  The signing of the contract took place at the Ministry of Agriculture in the presence of Minister Zulfikar Mustapha.

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