Region Four CPGs trained in anger management, conflict resolution


Members of the Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica) Community Policing Groups (CPGs) recently benefitted from a one-day training by the Gender Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security.

The participants were reminded of the important role they play in their respective communities by subject minister, Dr. Vindhya Persaud, who in spite of her busy schedule that day, graced the event to share words of encouragement.

“You’re here because we feel that the subjects being dealt with are critical to what you do and to the future of people in this country. You are responsible for law and order wherever you are; ensuring that people adhere to basic convention of rule and order,” she stated.

Top on the training agenda were topics like conflict resolution and anger management. Training on these subjects would no doubt help the CPG members to diffuse tensions caused by angry residents, the Ministry said in a statement.

Members of the Region Four Community Policing Groups benefitted from a one-day training by the Ministry’s Gender Affairs Bureau

Minister Persaud challenged the more than 60 members in attendance to look at how they handle matters in their own homes as they attempt to help others.

“If we can start curbing our own anger, we’ll be in a better place to help others curb theirs. Uncontrolled anger quickly escalates to violence and in the fight against domestic violence and other forms of abuse, we need to tackle cohesively and collectively the triggers and the causes; including anger and conflict,” she pointed out.

Minister Persaud wants to eventually be able to conduct anger management classes across the country, but would first need to train the human resources to do so. Perhaps, she observed, members of the CPG, once trained, may be able to help in this initiative.

Meanwhile, Liaison Officer of the CPG, Bharat Das, also offered opening comments, and the session on masculinity was facilitated by Manager of the Gender Affairs Bureau, Adel Lilly.

Senior Gender Affairs Officer, Diego Alphonso, facilitated the session on anger management.

Chairman of the Ministry’s Support and Heal Network, Bishop Patrick Findlay, and Elder Wayne Barrow facilitated the sessions on conflict resolution.

According to the Ministry, the training was timely as it provided the participants the skills needed when called upon to intervene in conflict situations and to resolve issues where anger is escalating.

The training on masculinity was also beneficial because the work of the CPGs entails interaction with males at the grassroots level.

The Ministry added that the Train-the-Trainers Workshop for CPGs is expected to have a positive ripple effect as those trained would then train those persons in their division to use the skills acquired in the course of their duties.

The training will continue in other regions across the country.

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