Parika taxi driver robbed of car, phone and cash


Police are on the hunt for a man accused of robbing a 60-year-old taxi driver at gunpoint of his Toyota Fielder wagon HC 9708, his cellphone valued at $140, 000 and $5000 in cash.

The taxi driver, of Parika, East Bank Essequibo, was taking the suspect – who posed as a passenger – and a woman to Georgetown on Monday.

Police reported that upon arrival in Georgetown, the driver was directed to several locations such Alberttown and Sophia. The suspect then requested to be taken to Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara (ECD) and finally to Victoria, ECD.

When they arrived in Victoria, the suspect took the driver to a yard with a wooden house, went inside and came back pointing a handgun at the driver and ordered him to exit the vehicle.

“The victim was allegedly told to be quiet or he would be shot. He complied and handed over his valuables before being lashed to his right ear with the gun,” police reported.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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