Linden food vendor robbed by gunman


A 42-year-old food vendor of Wisroc Housing Scheme, Linden was relieved of $65,000 cash by a lone gunman who threatened to shoot her after he stormed her house on Thursday.

Police said the woman, who resides alone, was cooking at around 20:00hrs while her front patio door was left partially open.

The woman told police that she saw a man with a red handkerchief tied around his face covering his nose, mouth and chin, through her door brandishing a small silver handgun.

The gunman reportedly demanded money and gold and when she said she did not have any, he threatened to shoot her.

Police said the suspect then made a telephone call and instructed the person on the other end to “ensure you look out carefully out there.”

The food vendor was then told to lie on her bedroom floor as the suspect ransacked her home. Police said the suspect removed cash from the woman’s purse and escaped through her back door.

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