Grove shooting: Family says man was already in handcuffs when killed

- No stolen items found in vehicle - Commander


The relatives of 34-year-old minibus driver Kevin Andries are disputing police claims that he was killed during a shootout with ranks in the wee hours of Monday. According to his sister, Alana Andries, her brother was already in handcuffs when he was shot dead at Grove, East Bank Demerara.  

Police reported on Monday that Andries was chased by police after they received information that suspected stolen items were in the vehicle but the Regional Commander Mahendra Siwnarine told the News Room on Tuesday that no stolen items were found in the Toyota Raum.

Police Headquarters had reported that Andries and his alleged accomplice attempted to escape from police ranks and started shooting at the police. The police returned fire and Andries was shot while the other suspect escaped.

No guns were recovered and only one spent shell was found at the scene.

The Toyota Raum which Kevin Andries was in at the time of the shooting.

Meanwhile, Alana told the News Room that it has been more than 24 hours since the incident occurred and the family has not received any information from the police as yet as to what really transpired.

Alana explained that the family was not aware that her brother was shot until a neighbour who visited the hospital, saw him there and contacted the family.

“All we hearing a person run away and what is on social media. One person got shot and that was my brother. They didn’t find no gun. I don’t know they had a shootout with the police with one spent shell and they didn’t find no gun with him. He was in handcuffs already, he was in custody.

“We are still waiting on the police for an answer on what really transpired with them and Kevin,” the sister told the News Room.

A post mortem is expected to be done on Andries body on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, police also reported that Andries was a known character but could not provide details on his alleged criminal activity. The sister explained that Andries only had traffic-related offences against him.

“He used to drive bus, anything with the law is traffic, either he overload the bus or he had loud music, nothing to get lockup for, no thieving story,” Alana explained.

The initial police report stated that at about 02:50hrs on Monday, ranks on patrol on the East Bank of Demerara responded to a report that Andries and the other suspect, who were in a blue and white Toyota Raum PVV 5380, had reportedly stolen some items.

Commander Siwnarine told the News Room that Andries and the other suspect were observed acting suspiciously in Georgetown and so police ranks on patrol started following them. According to the Commander, Andries and his alleged accomplice drove through a road block at the Camp Street Prison in Georgetown.

Andries was a route 42 minibus driver and the father to a 14-year-old girl. Relatives claimed he was returning home after visiting his fiancée.

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