Distrust of police in Essequibo a major concern – Commander 


The lack of trust between the police and the public is nothing new but on the Essequibo Coast, residents have a high level of distrust for the police.

This was revealed by Regional Commander, Woman Superintendent Denise Griffith during this week’s ‘Police and You’ programme. The Commander explained that this poses a challenge to policing in the region.

The dishonesty of some ranks and alleged corruption could be some of the reasons for the high level of distrust, the senior cop said.

The commander strongly believes that the lack of confidence in the ranks is hampering police work in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) because oftentimes, when an incident occurs, the police are not the first to be alerted.

Regional Commander Woman Superintendent Denise Griffith

Four months ago Superintendent Griffith was appointed as Commander of the region, and since then, she has been engaging residents, the majority of the time in plain clothes.

This, she said, has directly resulted in the residents being more comfortable speaking to the police and assisting them in solving crimes.

“Confidentiality is a key to success,” the Commander noted.

Since her direct engagements, residents have been cooperating and supporting the police. The Commander said residents are also contacting her directly to share information.

As it relates to police corruption in the region, the Commander noted that members of the public must also cease offering the police money or gifts to aid in an investigation or get them off an offense.

“If the police demand, then you have the right to make a report, if you offering the policeman, you know not to be prosecuted, then it is an offer and acceptance,” Commander Griffith explained.

Meanwhile, a shortage of police ranks in the region is also proving challenging, the Commander noted.

“I’ve been making a lot of pledges, appealing since I got there.

“My region is definitely short, we are short by approximately 50 persons,” the Commander said.


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