Father of 5 accused of theft shot three times by cops; remains in ICU 


Thirty-six-year-old Marlon Brewster of Amelia’s Ward, Linden was reportedly shot three times by a rank of the Guyana Police Force during an attempt to arrest him on December 1.

Brewster, a businessman and father of five, was shot to his arm, rib area and back. As a result of the gunshot injuries, his lungs are damaged and he is now in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Linden Hospital Complex.

His sister, Ashanti Harry told the News Room that he had to undergo surgery to remove the bullets.

“He is in the ICU, he already did a surgery and he has to do another operation to take out one more of the bullet,” the sister related.

She also debunked reports by the Guyana Police Force that Brewster attacked the ranks who attempted to arrest him at his Amelia’s Ward residence for allegedly stealing a generator and other items.

The sister claimed that it was the police ranks who attacked her brother. She said he was beaten before he was shot.

“Is the officers them had the cutlass, all the witnesses said it was them (the police).

“My brother is very [slim], six police there… you can tell me they can’t arrest him, handcuff him and take him to the station?” Ashanti questioned.

A press release from police headquarters stated that on December 1, 2021, two uniformed ranks responded to a report of the alleged theft of the generator in which Brewster is a suspect.

According to the police report, Brewster verbally threatened the ranks when the allegation was put to him.  Subsequently, it was reported that he armed himself with a cutlass and attacked the ranks, causing them to retreat and seek further assistance.

The police report claimed that ranks from the Divisional Anti-Crime Patrol responded and managed to take away the cutlass from Brewster but he continued to verbally abuse and threaten the ranks while at the same time hurling beer bottles at them.

Based on the police report, Brewster subsequently broke two bottles and attacked one of the ranks during which he was shot. The police report did not state how many times or where Brewster was shot.

Police said a stolen generator, two brush-cutter machines, a stereo speaker, 115 grams of marijuana and a utensil used for smoking marijuana were found at Brewster’s shop.

However, the sister explained that it is a “misunderstanding.” She said the stolen generator, which belongs to a neighbour, was indeed found on her brother’s premises. But she is adamant that he did not steal it.

“My brother won’t thief a generator from right over there and bring it right next door.

“Somebody carry the generator there and my brother did not know about it until he get the phone call and hear some generator was there,” Ashanti explained.

When the police arrived, Ashanti said everything was under control, but then another group of policemen arrived and “that is where they started shooting and beat up Marlon.”

Ashanti said her brother was unarmed. He celebrated his birthday the day before and she said there was a gathering at the shop but according to her when they closed, there was no generator there.

An investigation into the incident is being conducted by the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR).

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