Four persons nominated for new Police Service Commission; Chairman’s selection outstanding


The Parliamentary Committee of Appointments has nominated four persons to sit on the new Police Service Commission once reconstituted.

In a report released by the Parliament on Thursday, the four named persons to be appointed are businessmen Ernesto Choo-a-Fat and Hakeem Mohamed, attorney Lloyd Mark Conway and Bishop Patrick Anthony Findlay.

These names were agreed upon on December 15 following an extensive consultation process spanning two months, the Third Report on the appointment of Members to the Police Service Commission stated.

The Commission is usually a five-member body and the life of each Commission runs for three consecutive years. The President and Opposition Leader, following consultations, are to name the Chair of the Commission.

The President is allowed to appoint the four members following nominations from the National Assembly; consultations with the Guyana Police Force is also a requirement and that was done.

These new nominations were made following a contentious end to the life of the last Commission chaired by retired former senior cop, Paul Slowe.

President Ali had suspended the entire PSC on June 16, 2021 but the life of the Commission came to an end in August 2021.

The report noted that the Committee had meaningfully consulted with the Guyana Police Association, the Association of Former Members of the Guyana Police Force, and the National Community Policing Executive, as bodies that appear to represent the majority of Members of the Guyana Police Force.

On November 16, the Guyana Police Association submitted the names Choo-a-Fat, Conway, Mohamed, and Findlay.

On November 17, the National Community Policing Executive submitted the name of Mr. Reshi Das, L.S.G.C., Administrator, Community Policing Group, as its nominee and on November 24, the Association of Former Members of the Guyana Police Force submitted the name of Mr. Gavin Primo, D.S.M., Former Assistant Commissioner of Police, as its nominee.

When the new Commission is fully constituted with five members and appointed, there are several outstanding issues to be addressed.

It includes the promotion of ranks within the Guyana Police Force and the ongoing constitutional action in the Court against the President’s move to suspend the PSC.

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