Investors ‘eager’ to pump millions into hemp cultivation

- but gov’t yet to approve Guyana Hemp Policy


Investors, both local and international, are set and ready to put millions in hemp cultivation in Guyana but are stymied as the government is yet to approve the Guyana Hemp Policy.

This, however, is not deterring the Guyana Hemp Industries (GHI) as it held a Conference on Friday at the Herdsmanson Lodge to give the public more insight on the lucrative benefits that hemp production can bring to the country.

“We are bringing awareness to those persons locally who are interested in planting hemp,” Chairman of GHI, Verman Bedesse said on Friday.

“Investors are ready, they are eager and we are expecting the administration to adjust the laws very soon so in the meantime, we are getting prepared.”

The company has been behind the unrelenting activism for the legalisation and production of industrial hemp in Guyana and even declared 2022 the ‘year for hemp production in Guyana.’

And so, at the Conference, much focus was placed on the extensive use of the hemp plant, which can create spin-off industries locally to provide needed jobs here in Guyana.

Chairman of Guyana Hemp Industries, Verman Bedesse speaking to the News Room’s Shikema Dey before the conference on Friday (Photo: News Room/ January 28, 2022)

“There are so many things you can do with the hemp plant that can bring millions in revenue for Guyana…the hemp seeds are a complete protein, you can get hempcrete from it, the perfect ecological material for Guyana’s infrastructure…

“It can be used in dairy, dietary supplements, baking, to make medicine and these are all areas where thousands of jobs can be created,” Bedesse explained.

Already, GHI has identified two spots for hemp cultivation in Guyana: one at Kuru Kururu on the Linden/Soesdykle Highway in close proximity to the highly anticipated Silica City; and another at Mara, an old sugar plantation located in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).

The Kuru Kururu location will be tested for what will be replicated in each of the 10 administrative regions and poised to create employment opportunities not only with farms but processing facilities.

Bedessee believes that Guyana should have taken advantage of the industry years ago, as countries like China, Canada, France, and Chile did, putting them as the top hemp producers in the world to date.

The Guyana Hemp Industries remains hopeful that the government will follow through and adjust domestic laws as it has promised.

The final approval will be given under tight control, the News Room was previously informed.

It comes as there are lingering fears that hemp can be used recreationally and it could camouflage the cultivation of marijuana which remains illegal.

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  1. Matthew says

    Kind of like trying to talk the Government into making Tomato and Potato growing legal. It is so ridiculous that it is beyond belief that hemp is not just another crop in this day and age……guess what NO THC in hemp.

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