Behind the Vibes: Samuel Medas’ Stadium


Gospel Music is often put into a box, sometimes labelled as preachy worship songs reserved only for the ears of Christians. Samuel Medas with his 2021 winning Soca Monarch hit “Stadium” turned this notion on its head, proving his music is for everyone. Catapulting him from Uitvlugt Village on the ‘West Side’ to the sands of majestic Dubai, Samuel tells us what happens when you’re not afraid to colour outside the lines.

About ‘Behind the Vibes’: News Room Culture takes you on a musical journey to discover the stories behind your favourite Guyanese hits and have a ‘gyaff’ with some of our fiercely talented local recording artists.

Filmed by Richard Jagdeo and Yusuf Ali;
Edited by: Richard Jagdeo
Produced by Danielle Swain:

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