Commander says ‘will not rest’ until tomb raiders are caught


The Regional Commander for Region Six (Corentyne-Berbice) says he will not rest until he catches the suspect (s) who raided the tomb of a teenager.

Commander Boodnarine Persaud told the News Room that two silver rings, three silver chains and a silver bracelet along with a Samsung smartphone were stolen from the coffin of 19-year-old Vishnu Samaroo.

The thieves broke the side of the tomb and dragged the corpse some 20 feet away. The incident occurred between Tuesday and Wednesday at the Hampshire Cemetery in Corentyne, Berbice.

“The police are actively involved in the investigation. It is an embarrassing thing to the family – to break a tomb and take out a body – it is disrespectful apart from the robbery, so I won’t rest until we get to the perpetrator,” Commander Persaud told the News Room.

The Commander revealed that a few homeless persons from the area were arrested but: “none of them is actually linked to it.”

Now efforts are being made to track down and question persons who attended the funeral on January 21.

“We are looking at some of the persons who attended the funeral because it had to be someone who would have seen these things in the coffin,” the Commander explained.

The teen’s corpse was returned to the coffin and the tomb was sealed by relatives.

Samaroo’s father, Awad Samaroo, had told the News Room that he usually visits his son’s grave every day. Recently, he began tiling the tomb.

On Tuesday, he left the tomb intact and returned to his Belvedere, Corentyne house.

When he returned on Wednesday at about 14:00hrs, Awad was shocked to find the tomb was broken into and his son’s body outside.

The young Samaroo lost his battle to stage four cancer in January.

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