Police destroy $90M in ganja at Berbice River


Police in Region Six on Thursday conducted an eradication exercise at Gateroy Village, Berbice River during which they destroyed approximately $90 million in marijuana.

Led by a gazetted officer, the ranks went to the location where a field measuring approximately 10 acres with approximately 115,000 cultivated plants measuring between 1-5 feet in height with an average weight of 2,785 pounds were discovered.

Ranks also found four makeshift camps and one drying area which had about 215 cannabis plants drying; it weighed about 3,000 pounds.

The cannabis and camps were destroyed by fire.

Meanwhile, police in the same division also discovered five bulky parcels with 90 pounds of ganja hidden along the southern bank of the Canje River.

Ranks had received information that narcotics, guns, ammunition and stolen articles would be in the area.

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