Guyana votes in favour as OAS suspends Russia’s permanent observer status


The Organization of American States (OAS) adopted a resolution suspending Russia as a permanent observer to the body, following its invasion of Ukraine.

There were 25 votes in favour of the resolution and Guyana was one of the countries that voted in favour of suspending Russia. Eight countries also abstained from voting while one was absent.

Guyana’s Foreign Secretary Robert Persaud, in a tweet, explained Guyana’s decision to support this resolution.

“We stand by our principled position on territorial integrity and against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” the Foreign Secretary said.

With these votes, the OAS Permanent Council approved the resolution, effectively suspending Russia as a Permanent Observer to the body.

According to the OAS website, this observer status has allowed countries outside the region to participate, contribute to and reinforce the principles, objectives and programs of the OAS.

Meanwhile, a release from the US government said that the vote sent a clear message to Russia, that the “unconscionable war of choice” should end and Russia should withdraw forces.

“With the passage of this resolution, OAS member states demonstrated that we do not stand on the sidelines in the face of the Russian government’s violations of international humanitarian law and human rights abuses,” the US release stated.

  1. Dicksonrp says

    Very disappointed with Guyana for kissing the evil empire , USA tail. But OAS is useless, a group of US lackey enslaved states who supports US coups in the region. The US did the coup in Ukraine in 2014, overthrowing the democratically elected govt, put in a Nazi terrorist Jew led cabal, who then until Feb 2022, murdered over 14,000 ethnic Russians, edged on by the US and it’s EU enslaved countries. After calking on then to stop for 8 years, Russia did what any responsible country would do to stop the slaughter and destroy the Nazis. And Guyana supports the murder of 14,000 ethnic Russians, even though they should know better having had a similar situation in the past with the blacks murder, rape and other attacks against indians. Shame on President Ali fir bowing to the US pressure.

    1. Matthew says

      Well that is an interesting position….thanks for posting Putin….

      The Ukrainian people took to the streets in 2014 to stop their puppet leader from annexing their Country back into the USSR. Nothing to do with US or EU other than they are very cognizant that the World does not want to see another USSR lead by a deranged individual who sees himself as a “liberator”…..

      Funny you should bring up Nazi’s as Putin is the closest we have seen to Hitler since…..Hitler.

      And nothing justifies invasion and slaughter and destruction.

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