After third warning, bars will be shut down for noise nuisance – Benn


Bars and other entertainment spots which are repeatedly cautioned by the police for loud music and other disturbances will be closed down, the Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn has warned.

“If we visit a place two times, on the third occasion with respect to noise or any other untoward activity, we’ll close them, we’ll have to close down the activity,” Benn said while speaking at the sidelines of an event on Friday at the Guyana Coast Guard Training Facility, Kingston, Georgetown.

Recently, there have been numerous complaints from residents in relation to noise nuisance emanating from bars that operate in the wee hours.

The Home Affairs Minister said that it has been difficult dealing with the issue because in some cases, the police have not been proactive enough, or have either made repeated visits to the same location but there is still no positive outcome.

However, he noted that the police will be “putting a break on repeated visits” and rather close down the bar or activity. The Ministry of Home Affairs will also be revising the penalties to impose stricter fines to curb these activities.

“They are a range of issues where we are looking at increasing fines and other resorts. In a month or so, we’ll have the discussion with the Attorney General’s chambers and cabinet,” Benn said.

Benn elaborated that there is no reason for bars and entertainment spots to be opened beyond 02:00hrs, and doing so poses a risk to people’s safety.

“There should be no real activity in bars and places of entertainment beyond 2 am because it becomes very difficult, people become inebriated and they drive drunk – some of them. It’s too risky to go beyond [2 am],” Benn said.

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