Employees, customers of Mahaica gas station robbed at gunpoint


Several employees and customers were held at gunpoint by three men and robbed of thousands of dollars in cash and their smartphones on Wednesday afternoon.

The incident occurred at the Guyoil Gas Station located at Good Hope, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara at about 17:30hrs, Police Headquarters reported.

According to the report, the suspects are three identifiable men who were armed with firearms and a knife.

The gas station is owned by 44-year-old Rovin Ramsaroop of Good Hope, Mahaica.

Two pump attendants, Alisha Barnes, 19, of Helena, Mahaica and Iyansha Moses, 20, of Plantation Hope, ECD, were robbed of a total of $240,000 in cash, property of the gas station.

A route 50 minibus driver, 39-year-old Iftikar Rahamat, of Mon Repos, ECD, was relieved of US$400, $18,000 local currency, vehicle keys and two Samsung S9 smartphones valued at $300,000.

Another victim, David Shaiwupaul, a 67-year-old pensioner of Cove and John, ECD, was robbed of his wallet containing important documents, $100,000 local currency and a smartphone valued at $100,000.

A 44-year-old security guard of Good Hope, Mahaica, Errol Wheeler, was also robbed of his wallet along with $10,000 local currency and a Samsung Galaxy A11 with a sim card valued at $45,000.

And, Nicholas Narine, a 44-year-old shopkeeper of Helena, Mahaica was robbed of the keys to a canter bearing license plate GPP 2645.

Police reported that while one of the pump attendants was fueling Rahamat’s bus, the three suspects entered the gas station, held onto the other pump attendant, and relieved them of the cash and other items.

“Subsequently, the bandits entered the minibus with the passengers and held them at knife and gunpoint respectively, and relieved them of the articles aforementioned, before making good their escape to the western side of the gas station,” the police reported.

Investigations are ongoing.

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