Alcohol was ‘planted’ in cops’ vehicle in Reg. 5 – Commander


The Guyana Police Force has debunked claims that three patrol ranks in Regional Division Five were drinking on the job and has since alleged that the alcohol was ‘planted’ inside the police patrol vehicle (PVV 5524).

The issue came to light following a video circulated on social media where a Heineken bottle was seen inside the cup holder of the vehicle while the ranks were on duty.

The video was taken on Saturday night at the Level Up Bar located at Bath Settlement in Region Five.

The ranks were responding to a noise nuisance complaint. Police Headquarters said the complaint was made directly to the Regional Commander Kurleigh Simon.

“It is the view of the Division Commander that the video is malicious and is aimed at besmirching the Police for doing their duty.

“…It has been noted that the police acted negligently in leaving the vehicle unattended which allowed person(s) to plant the beer bottle and make the video,” the police said in its statement.

In the video seen by the News Room, the police vehicle was left unattended with the engine on and the keys still in the ignition.

The Commander said the ranks in question did a breathalyser tests and no traces of alcohol were found in their system.

Meanwhile, the statement noted that “it is not the first time that there was a confrontation between the police and citizens at the very location.”

The police said persons were previously arrested for disorderly conduct at the bar.

“The bar owner has also complained about patrons playing music from their vehicles resulting in her establishment being stained,” the police report stated.

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