PSC ‘disturbed’ at violent protest, rejects assassination threats against President


The Private Sector Commission (PSC) is disturbed by the protest action taking place on the East Coast of Demerara which has led to the destruction of properties, robberies and physical assaults over the alleged murder of 23-year-old, Quindon Bacchus by a policeman on June 10, 2022.

The Commission recognizes that while it is the constitutional right of Guyanese to peaceful protest, all forms of illegal acts must be strongly condemned by the wider society.

Further, the PSC rejects the threat of assassination made against the President of Guyana by one of the protestors during a Live Broadcast of the protest action.

The Commission views the incidents taking place as a sad development which is aimed at promoting vulgarity and lawlessness and therefore issues an appeal for all citizens to remain calm and cooperate with the Guyana Police Force as it investigates the killing of Quindon Bacchus.

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