Large parcels of cocaine removed from foreign plane at Mahdia


Police investigators removed large parcels of cocaine from a foreign aircraft that landed illegally at Mahdia, Region Eight ((Potaro-Siparuni) on Sunday.

Two persons who were immediately arrested have been identified as Mateus Vinicius Pontes Alberto, a 23-year-old Brazilian national and Rodrigues Canon Dandres Estiven, a 43-year-old Colombian national.

They were transported to the capital, Georgetown late on Sunday as the police carried out their investigations.

Police officers in the interior region told the News Room that the small plane (N5470Z ) had over 10 large parcels of cocaine, some of which were carrying a tag that read “King Coca 30”. Ganja was also found.

Police said it amounted to 639.9 lbs or 290.2 KG of cocaine (250 packs) and cannabis120.45 lbs or 54.6 KG (50 packs).Cellphones and GPS devices belonging to the men were confiscated.

The plane had landed, just after 14:00 hours on Sunday, when it was intercepted by law enforcement in the area.

The white Cessna skyline single-engine aeroplane is suspected to have come from Venezuela


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  1. Xhrp2wkb1 says

    It would be more informative if, in addition to the weight of the drugs, Newsroom could add the street value . Knowing how much money the drugs are worth on the street gives one more understanding of the magnitude of the catch.

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