Driver escapes from police after throwing ganja out window


A driver managed to evade police ranks in Linden, Region 10 after he threw two pounds of marijuana out the window and abandoned the car (PRR 3003) he was driving.

Police Headquarters revealed in a statement that the incident occurred at about 10:00hrs on Tuesday.

The driver was intercepted by patrol ranks at Burnham Drive in Wismar, Linden after the driver was observed acting suspiciously.

“However, as the ranks approached the motorcar, the driver sped off along the Burnham Drive Public Road Wismar, Linden causing the ranks to give chase,” the police report stated.

The ranks chased the man to Poker Street when the driver reportedly threw a plastic bag through the window.

Shortly after the suspect abandoned the vehicle and escaped through a nearby alleyway.

“The mentioned plastic bag was retrieved from the roadway by the ranks on patrol, and it contained leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis.”

Police said the car is registered to Aubrey Ettiene of Victory Valley, Wismar.

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