Two men nabbed with 25lbs of ganja in Kwakwani


Two men were caught with 25lbs of ganja after they attempted to flee police officers at Third Phase, Kwakwani, Region 10, on Wednesday morning.

Police Headquarters reported that officers responded to a noise nuisance complaint in the area at around 04:00hrs on Wednesday. When the officers arrived at the scene, a motorcar (#HD 673) with two occupants drove away.

As such, the officers chased after the vehicle. The vehicle subsequently drove into a nearby trench.

The officers then searched the car in the presence of the two men and found two transparent parcels containing a quantity of compressed leaves, seeds and stems, suspected to be cannabis sativa, in the trunk of the car.

Both the driver and the passenger were told of the offence committed, but they claimed the parcels belonged to the other person.

Thereafter, the men were taken to the Kwakwani Police Station and then to the Mackenzie Police Station where the suspected narcotics was weighed in their presence and amounted to 25 pounds.

The two men are in custody pending charges.

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