Team Mohamed’s vows to defend home turf; eyes record-breaking runs


With stiff competition expected from Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname at this weekend’s International Drag Race meet, Team Mohamed’s will finally have serious contenders for the title, even for the beastly fast white GT-R.

However, the Guyana-owned team is unfazed about the challengers, given the fast times the cars are producing during practice, and the long hours spent on track preparation.

At practice on Thursday, the black GT-R and Pro-Mod were already threatening to lower the 7.501 seconds record which they hold.

According to the GT-R driver, Terence Cox, he is happy for the increase in competition, noting that the amount of track preparation is allowing the speed machines to perform at optimum level.

Terence Cox is confident Team Mohamed’s will remain number one after Sunday’s showdown

From Trinidad, Sheldon Bissessar, who will drive a larger rail car as compared to Andy Bissessar, along with Kervin Ribeiro with his 1JZ powered 2nd Generation RX-7 stock chassis, which claimed a world record for the fastest Toyota 1JZ Engine in 2017, are already here for the mega showdown.

But, Cox bluntly stated that Team Mohamed’s all-wheel drive machines have what it takes to get the job done and they will remain champions of the strip.

Likewise, Clint Satterfield, the driver of the Pro-Mod car, is happy to finally get a challenger and he too is hyped over the pristine condition of the track, which provides a perfect chance to dip below seven seconds.

Meanwhile, from 13:00h on Saturday, there will be dial-in and tune for the 14 to 16-second competitors, while on Sunday from 08:00h, there will be dial-in for the 13 seconds and lower machines.

Elimination starts at noon on Sunday.

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