Woman chopped to face after refusing to rekindle relationship


Rezana Rahaman, a 23-year-old mother of two received 28 stitches after she was chopped and received a laceration on her left side jaw for refusing to rekindle the relationship with her ex-partner.

Rahaman of No.77 Village Housing Scheme, Upper Corentyne, Berbice told News Room that she is now scared for her life. The incident occurred on Sunday night.

While a report was made to the police, the suspect, identified as 31-year-old Matthew Gangaprashad, has not been arrested.

“I am scared because he is a free man,” Rahaman told the News Room.

She related that she shared a common law relationship with the man for eight years and they have two children together, ages 7 and 3.

The woman said after she found out that her partner was cheating on her, she ended the relationship two months ago.

Detailing what led to the unfortunate incident on Sunday, Rahaman said she was liming with some friends at about 23:30 hrs when her ex showed up.

She said that she called a taxi to pick up her kids and head home but Gangaprashad also jumped in the vehicle and told her that he left his motorcycle at her house.

When they arrived at the house, Rahaman said there was no motorcycle and after she inquired from Gangaprashad about why he followed her home, he reportedly began asking her to give him another chance.

Rahaman related that she denied his request and told him to leave her premises or she will call the police.

But when she attempted to call the police, the man grabbed her phone and ran away.

So, the woman then decided to head over to her neighbour who is a policeman.

“He run and slash my face when I was coming out to go by my neighbour who is a police,” Rahaman said.

Gangaprashad then escaped on a bicycle that was in the yard.

She subsequently sought treatment at the Skeldon Hospital where she received 28 stitches to her wound.

According to the woman, the entire incident took place in front of their 3-year-old child and that child is left traumatised.

Meanwhile, Rahaman has opined that the police are not handling the matter seriously.

She claimed that she provided the police with all the necessary information but Gangaprashad is yet to be arrested.

She is alleging that she requested a restraining order at the Springlands Police Station and was sent to the Central Police Station in New Amsterdam to get one. When she got there, she was told has to go to the Whim Police Station instead.

“I gotta do all the running around while dealing with this injury but I don’t think the police taking this matter seriously, they giving him the opportunity to run, I told them since I made the report about the phone and that I have evidence in there of him harassing me,” Rahaman stressed.

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  1. Xhrp2wkb1 says

    Shouldn’t there be a court that issues restraining orders rather than the police?

    You mean you go give the highly, extremely incompetent, jokey Guyana police to issue restraining orders? Wow! You see how dem get the po woman running all over de place? And yet no police would be reprimand or disciplined for this. What a nasty country this is! The minister of Home Affairs should be fired. His appt is just job for the boys.

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