Ogle airport conducts live full-scale emergency response exercise


The Eugene F. Correia International Airport on Thursday conducted its Live Full Scale Emergency Response Exercise.
The exercise is conducted in compliance with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority. The Live Full Scale Emergency Response Exercise is held every two years to rehearse with all the organizations that would be involved in an actual emergency.

The purpose of the exercise was to evaluate the preparedness and capabilities of the Airport, its tenants and local response agencies. During the exercise, crucial operational methods such as rescue methods, security posture, operational procedures, processing and triage of injured victims were assessed.

The exercise included a staged aircraft and a fire demonstration.

Part of the exercise on Thursday (Photo: News Room/November 10, 2022)

More than 20 agencies and organizations from both the public and private sector were involved, including first responders and airport personnel. Approximately 40 volunteer actors participated as disaster victims and survivors.
Director General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority Egbert Field said it is a requirement for all airports to conduct such an exercise.

“This exercise is extremely important when it comes to aviation and the safety and security of the flying public; exercises like these really helps the airport, the fire service and medics and all stakeholders to learn from this so when it actually happens, they are properly coordinated and are able to provide the service which is required,” Field told reporters on Thursday.

Part of the exercise on Thursday (Photo: News Room/November 10, 2022)

He said he while he was satisfied with the exercise, he noted that there is always room for improvement.

“There are always areas which individuals can sharpen on but I would say I was very much satisfied that the coordination of the teams, the time of which the incident happened and the response was very good,” Field said.

Meanwhile, Jack McGovern, Battalion Chief of Emergency Management and Training of Fredericksburg, Virginia in the United States has been assisting with the exercise over the past 16 years.

“Today was another successful exercise. It is always a pleasure and honour to come down here and work with the Guyanese; it is 16 years running now and it is truly an honour,” McGovern said.

He also assists with mass casualty planning, fire service training and inspection of the airport.

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