Mother fears her son’s murder will go unpunished


A Lima Sands, Region Two woman remains saddened over the recent murder of her 27-year-old son Delon Hendricks who was brutally attacked on November 05, 2022 and left for dead on the Lusignan main access road, East Coast Demerara.

Margaret Hendricks’ grief is compounded by her belief that police investigators are not prudent in the case and as such is calling for a higher tier of attention to be given.

Speaking to the News Room on Friday, the saddened mother explained that since her son was murdered three weeks ago, no one was arrested and held responsible even with CCTV footage available.

The mother claims that persons who saw her son moments before and had knowledge of his death were not questioned.

“His brother-in-law saw. He knew he died and no one said anything until his body was found, he should be questioned.

“They called in the wife but the wife can’t identify no one because she hardly knows people,” Hendricks related.

She noted too that although persons knew her son died and were videoing, they were just informed of his death until one day after.

Meanwhile, a cousin Arlean Singh related that it’s the third murder in their family that is currently unsolved.

Meanwhile, a cousin Arlean Singh related that it’s the third murder in their family that is currently unsolved.

She believes investigators need to revisit the area and question more persons, including a named shop owner.

“He was at a nearby shop playing Superbet when he won money. Then people lash him off his bicycle and slit his throat.

“He don’t deserve this. He has a family and his wife is pregnant, this need to be investigated” Singh said.

Police said the incident occurred at about 23:40 hrs along Prison Road.

A resident had told investigators that he was at home watching television when he heard loud noises from outside his home. He ventured outside where he made checks and later observed a male lying motionless on the road.

The body was clad in a yellow short pants and a jersey. Stab wounds were observed to the left side neck.

The resident said he immediately made contact with the Police. At about 00:20hrs, EMT 14 from the Melanie Fire Station arrived at the scene and at about 00:33hrs, Doctor Durga pronounced the victim dead.

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