Niece now says she killed granny and dumped murder weapon in pit latrine


The brutal killing of the West Coast Berbice pensioner has taken another turn; the niece who has given two accounts on what actually took place on the day of the incident has again changed her story.

This time around, Roshanie Basdeo, the great niece of Sumintra Sawh, has admitted that she is the one who committed the vicious act after the woman discovered that her money was missing.

The News Room was informed that Basdeo told Police that on November 27, 2022, that she went to the home of Sawh and the woman accused her of stealing her money and other documents.

She said she told Sawh that she did not take the money nor anything else from the house but that the woman continued to accuse her throughout the evening.

Basdeo told investigators that she became annoyed and armed herself with a hammer and a piece of wood. She said she dealt the woman several lashes to her head until she became unconscious. She said she then ventured to the lower flat and grabbed a razor blade self inflicted cuts to her neck and hand.

Basdeo further detailed that the nightgown she was wearing was splattered with the blood of Sawh and so she took if off and placed it in a black plastic bag together with the hammer and dumped it in the pit toilet in the yard.

She still denies stealing the money and the documents from the woman and told investigators that she made up the previous stories to defend herself but that she committed the act alone.

Basdeo led investigators back to the scene where the hammer and blue nightgown with what appeared to be blood spots was retrieved from the pit toilet. A wood which she also used to hit the woman was also retrieved from a shed, together with the razor blade in the lower flat.

Basdeo is making her first court appearance at the Weldaad Magistrate Court this morning to be charged.

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