Gas station pump attendant brutally chopped after refusing to sell ‘disorderly customer’


A 27-year-old pump attendant who was chopped several times to his head and beaten after he was threatened by a customer over a month ago is calling on the Police to conduct a proper investigation.

Kemraj Ramcharran, known as “Keron” of Cotton Field, Essequibo Coast was attacked on October 30, 2022 at the Rif Gas Station at Anna Regina.

He suffered three chops to his head and a broken hand. Ramcharran, who has been a pump attendant for the past eight years, is now unable to work. He is a father of one and had to relocate from Essequibo for his safety and medical treatment.

According to Ramcharran, on October 30 at around 21:15 hrs, he observed a tinted motorcar pull into the gas station and so naturally, Ramcharran thought the driver wanted to purchase gas. The pump attendant recalled that he approached the vehicle and waited for approximately five minutes for the driver to open the gas tank.

A male passenger then rolled down the window and reportedly verbally abused Ramcharran.

Ramcharran explained that when the driver exited the vehicle, he asked him to open the gas tank, but the driver reportedly threatened him, saying he would “jook him up.”

Ramcharran said he then noticed a female coming out of the vehicle and recognised her as the sister of another pump attendant.

He further recalled that he told the driver that if they continue to behave disorderly that he will not sell them and so, they left the gas station.

At about 22:00 hrs that same night, Ramcharran said while he was closing the pump, he felt an impact to his head and collapsed.

He awoke a day later in the Georgetown Public Hospital.

CCTV footage of the incident shows Ramcharran being attacked by two persons at the pump before making their escape.


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