Couple killed at squatting area had land and title since 2007


As the Ministry of Housing and Water continues to tackle squatting across the country, Subject Minister Collin Croal on Wednesday revealed that squatters are being allocated house lots but for one reason or the other, have not been utilising the lands.

Earlier this week, a couple was found dead after they stepped on a live illegal electrical wire in an alleyway at Success squatting area, East Coast Demerara.

Sorojanie Hansraj, 32 and her husband, 39-year-old Prahalad Jagnarine were discovered dead by their 11-year-old daughter early on Monday.

On Wednesday, while addressing residents at a housing drive in Region Three. Minister Croal revealed that Jagnarine was allocated a house lot at Cummings Lodge and was given the land title since 2007.

“The point I am making is that over the years we have been addressing some of these issues that concern squatting or irregular settlements and we have been responding by making available allocation and there is absolutely no need for squatting,” Minister Croal said.

He reiterated that new squatting areas will not be tolerated as the government works to regularise current squatting areas.

Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal (Photo: Ministry of Housing and Water/December 7, 2022)

Specifically for Region Three, the Ministry’s Community Development Department has been working with the Regional Administration to address the issue of squatting in several areas.

“We have areas such as Good Hope area on the railway line, Vergenoegen on the railway line, sections of Plantation Philadelphia, Barnwell on the railway line, Zeelught Parcel 1987, there is another portion in De Willem, Vergenoegen and Tuschen – those are a number of areas on our radar for which persons are occupying irregularly,” Minister Croal stated.

The Housing Minister also revealed that in the coming week over 100 persons will get the opportunity to receive their land titles from three areas namely, Greenwich Park, De Willem and Tuschen.

“The team will be coming to your area by next week to sign the agreements which will see over 109 persons being able, once you pay off, being able to receive their title by Christmas or within two weeks from today.”

It is important to note that squatters may have to be relocated to other areas, once they fall within an area earmarked for sea defence, roads or other critical infrastructure.

Since the Government assumed office in August 2020, hundreds of informal settlers in Regions Four and Five have been regularised, while several persons were relocated to developed communities.


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