More police at airports, shopping areas for Christmas season


There will be an increase in Police presence at the Cheddi Jagan and the Eugene Correia International airports during the Christmas holidays, Crime Chief/Assistant Commissioner Wendell Blanhum said on Tuesday.

Speaking at the at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Annual Awards ceremony, Blanhum said there will also be an increase in Police ranks in uniform and plain clothes in busy shopping and commercial areas.

Several Police booths have been established across the country and ranks are required to take the appropriate action when reports are made.

The beefed-up Police presence is aimed at reducing criminal activity during the festive period.

“We will continue to have a high visibility at the busy shopping areas, the commercial areas and the night spots until the festive season is over,” Blanhum told reporters.

Traffic rank in Georgetown on Thursday (Photo: News Room/December 21, 2022)

Additionally, a heavy Police presence will be maintained at the country’s borders, including at various checkpoints and ports of entry. It is expected that ranks will be recalled from their leave to supplement these efforts.

Blanhum also reminded the public to continue to be security conscious and to be aware of their environment.

Commissioner of Police (ag) Clifton Hicken, last month said the force will apply a collaborative approach to work with various agencies, including community policing groups and private security guards, to increase visibility; it will also rely on the Guyana Defence Force, the Fire Service, and others for support.

Meanwhile, the Traffic Department also deployed ranks to various commercial zones to minimize traffic accidents, congestion, and other traffic-related occurrences.

Over the past few days, commuters have complained about the traffic congestion and lack of parking spots in the city.



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  1. Xhrp2wkb1 says

    Go ask the drivers, especially the Indian drivers, what they have to put up with on the roads with the police during this holiday season.

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