Two months later, siblings seeking assistance to rebuild after fire guts house


Keiasha Reid, 20, took up the responsibility for her younger siblings after their mother tragically died during childbirth in 2019.

Last year November, the siblings were faced with another tragedy – their house and everything inside was destroyed during a fire.

Now, the siblings are seeking the public’s assistance to help rebuild their lives.

On November 12, Keiasha and her 18-year-old sister left their Sheet Anchor, East Canje home to visit their younger sister who was celebrating her 11th birthday.

“We went to town to visit because her birthday was the 11th (November) and we didn’t get to go so we decided to go on the 12th and when we reach Georgetown, we received a call from our cousin who said the house was on fire,” Keiasha recalled.

She told the News Room that they were not able to save anything from the house. It was later determined by the Guyana Fire Service that the fire was an act of arson.

The house belonged to their mother, Karen Reid, who passed away while pregnant with her sixth child. The infant also died at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

Keiasha said since then, she and her siblings have been taking care of themselves and that the home was fully furnished.

“Currently, we are renting a house but we have to move anytime soon because the house is for sale at the moment, so we wouldn’t have anywhere to go,” Keiasha said.

Keiasha has two older brothers who live on their own. She and her 18-year-old sister are employed with the government’s part-time job initiative.

“We need like furniture and bed to be comfortable, things that a home should at least get,” the young woman said.

Meanwhile, Keiasha said she is unaware of who would set the house on fire and why. According to her, she and her siblings have no grievances with anyone.

Those willing to assist the siblings can contact them at 659-0789, 332-0065 or 6414070.

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