Ali says new fire station, more hydrants needed as over 200 fires reported in Berbice last year


There were more than 200 fires in Region Six (East Berbice- Corentyne) last year and President Dr. Irfaan Ali says that a new fire station and more functional fire hydrants may be needed.

The issue of frequent fires was addressed by the President during a press conference held on Friday last, as he wrapped up a two-day official outreach in Region Six.

“This is something that is concerning for us.

“We have to do an education programme, we have to address this,” President Ali said seriously.

A new fire station at Rose Hall Town is a possible solution mulled by the President. The growing number of commercial and residential properties in the area, he said, necessitates a newer facility to respond to future fires.

That’s not the only matter being addressed.

As part of the outreach, fire hydrants in the region were assessed. It was found that 10 out of the 20 hydrants were functional; the remaining 10 are being repaired.

By March, all of the hydrants in the region should be operational. President Ali, however, said that the government is exploring installing more hydrants in the region. A water mapping exercise will be conducted to support the fire service’s response to fires.

This is particularly necessary as the government hopes to build more houses and establish new schemes. At least 1,200 houses will be built by the Ministry of Housing and Water this year.

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