Enterprise family traumatised after thieves break into house  


An Enterprise, East Coast Demerara, businessman and his family are in a traumatised state after thieves broke into their house while they were sleeping and stole cash and valuables in the wee hours of Monday.

Forty-two-year-old Nazim Abdool told the News Room that he was asleep with his wife and two-month-old daughter when the thieves broke into his Church Street, Enterprise, house by removing some louvres from the windows in the kitchen.

Abdool believes the robbers sprayed the family with some concoction to keep them in their slumber while the robbery was carried out.

He said he woke up around midnight but everything was fine so he went back to sleep. But when he woke up again at 4:30 hrs, Abdool saw the louvres removed.

“When I look, I see the pants with my money out on the ground which I leave it in the room. I shout out to my wife that something is wrong, like people spray we,” he said.

Abdool told the News Room that he alerted his neighbours that there was a robbery sometime after. The Vigilance Police Station was subsequently contacted.

Nazim Abdool (Photo: News Room/ February 6, 2023)

Abdool, however, explained that he couldn’t make the call himself because his three phones, which amount to over $100,000 combined, were stolen along with over $200,000 cash. These items were in his pants pockets.

“I tried to call the police immediately after I get to my neighbour. I called like about 4:30 and the police take about an hour to come… I even had to call 9-1-1 for an assistant to get on to the police because Vigilance was not coming,” he further explained.

The man said his vehicles were not troubled and his mother who lives next door and his close neighbours did not have any issues. According to Abdool, robberies are a recurring problem in the community. He said this is the first time he has been a target while living at Enterprise but it’s not his first time as a victim.

He explained that he was robbed twice before because people know about his fish business and the added services he provides. Abdool lamented that the community has a Community Policing Group but it is not efficient.

“I feel that I could’ve gotten killed and I wouldn’t know. They come til to my bed, take away my phone. I see they move the knife that I does clean my fish and my cutlass from my room,” Abdool said.

Abdool is worried about continuing his business since he believes the robbers could’ve done much more damage. The Guyana Police Force launched an investigation into the robbery.

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