Cumberland businessman shot, robbed


 A 40-year-old businessman is hospitalised at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital with a gunshot wound after he put up a fierce fight with four bandits who invaded his family’s shop at Victoria Street, Cumberland Village, well-known as ‘Bibi Shop.’

The News Room understands that Jagdeo Phillips, whose birthday is today, was shot in the torso on Friday night.

His son, Nicholas Phillips, 18, told the News Room that he left his grandmother, sister and father at the front of the premises and was about to take a shower when he heard the commotion.

Nicholas said he ran to the front when he noticed the four men, all masked and armed.

The young man said he picked up a garden fork after seeing one of the men pointing a gun at his sister and two others were beating his father.

According to Nicholas, within a matter of minutes, he heard a gunshot.

“After they fire the first shot like they get scared or something and they run out and my father run behind dem with a spade but he collapsed on the road.”

The victim was transported to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

Meanwhile, some $200,000 in cash was taken from the injured Phillips; a gold chain worth $500,000; a gold band worth $200,000 and other silver jewellery.

Cash was also taken from the shop. The Police are investigating.

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