Noise nuisance reports lead to attack of Parika Façade residents


Residents living behind Parika Façade, East Bank Essequibo, claim that they are being tormented by a resident in the area who has since resorted to violently attacking them over reports of noise nuisance.

The issue has been brewing for some four years but has gotten worse over the past few months when residents were attacked by the man as they walk the streets.

The culprit, residents say, is a neighbour who started disturbing the peace with loud music when he would imbibe at home. Complaints were made to the authorities about the noise and residents believe that as a result, the man became upset and began tormenting and attacking those who traverse the roadway.

Indranie Rambarran told the News Room that she was attacked by the perpetrator in November 2022 after she recorded him beating another person.

This matter is engaging the attention of the court but Rambarran is living in fear that she would be attacked again.

“This fellow just threatening me. He is not finished with me and I have to pass him morning and afternoon to go on the road. When you see him, you’re scared to pass him because of what he did to me and he is saying he is not finished with me,” Rambarran said.

Rambarran’s mother-in-law, Maharanie Gurpersaud said that she too was attacked by the perpetrator and on another occasion, he reportedly threw beer bottles at one of her sons.

The recent attack was on March 13 when Rameshwar Raghunandan was chased with a cutlass; he was chopped by the perpetrator to the forehead and arm.

“I came for a funeral and end up in a problem that I never expect.

“I was just walking coming down the street; I see a man run out he yard with a cutlass. I come and sit down at my aunt house and then I get up to walk in the yard but at the said time the man approach me,” Raghurandan said.

He has no idea what provoked the perpetrator.

Another resident, Philan Allicock said that at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, her daughter was sitting an exam and she could not study because of the noise; she filed a complaint with the Police and shortly after, the perpetrator started to verbally abuse her.

Meanwhile, Chandie Ramkissoon, another resident claimed that she was threatened and endured cyberbullying, allegedly by the perpetrator.

Even though the matter is in the court, the residents claim that they are still being tormented on a daily basis and are calling on the relevant authorities to look into the situation.



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