Man perishes as child playing with matches lead to destruction of two Agricola houses


The fire which claimed the life of 45-year-old Kevin Trotman and displaced 13 others at Agricola, East Bank Demerara on Sunday was caused by an unattended child playing with matches, the Guyana Fire Service (GFS) confirmed.

The fire started around 14:58 hrs.

Trotman lived alone in the upper flat of the Third Street, Agricola property where the fire started. A family of eight which is headed by 42-year-old Marcia Cato lived in the lower flat.

Meanwhile, 45-year-old Sonia Hope and her family of four occupied the other building at Third Street, Agricola which was also destroyed in the fire.

According to the GFS, an investigation revealed that that the fire was caused by a child playing with matches, which ignited a foam mattress and spread to the entire building.


The remains of the two houses that were destroyed in a fire at Agricola.

When the News Room visited the scene, relatives of Trotman said they did not know he was at home when the fire started.

The dead man’s sister, Eulie Trotman said she last saw him Sunday morning.

“I was home and I see the smoke so I seh meh neighbour like he burning rubbish so one ah my friend call and seh ‘Eulie yuh brother house on fire’. So I left and I go around…I see the fire and after I see the crowd and so I come back home,” Eulie said.

“I don’t know if he been in the house or wah. We end up calling meh aunty up the East Coast to see if he went up there and he wasn’t there. So I she he woulda come last night (Sunday night) cause we calling he phone and the phone going to voicemail. I end up sleep away and this morning 3 0’clock I end up wake up and I start cry. And then I seh like he get burn up in the fire…This morning somebody find he. They went and search and they find he,” the woman explained as she broke down in tears.

Meanwhile, another relative, Savannah Graham told the News Room that she found it strange that Trotman did not show up at the scene and after checking for him she learnt of the discovery.

“We just came around and check to see cause he didn’t show up and we know is not like him cause he does always show up at any incidents,” she said.

“We didn’t see anything so we left and went back home and then a friend came and look at the place…went somewhere and then we came back and saw flies. So he just decided to move the wood and duh is how come we discover that a body is there and we say his home,” Graham recalled.

The Guyana Fire Service is advising citizens to exercise caution and follow safety measures to avoid fires. They are also urging persons not to to leave children unattended at home without adult supervision.


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