Father of seven beaten to death on D’Urban Street


A father of seven was on Tuesday beaten to death by three men during an argument at D’Urban Street, Lodge, Georgetown.

Dead is Terrence Angelo David Washington, 47, a carpenter of the same village. His relatives told the News Room that the incident occurred sometime between 10:00 hrs and 11:00 hrs but his body was only discovered at around 16:00 hrs.

The man’s son, who did not want to be named, told the News Room that he was at work when he received a telephone call informing him that his father had died.

The son said he immediately rushed home and upon arrival, he discovered Washington’s body under their neighbour’s house.

Terrence Washington body was discovered under his neighbour’s house.

According to the son, reports indicate that his father had an altercation with three men which escalated and he was allegedly beaten to his head with a piece of wood.

“I heard that he (Washington) had some altercation with some younger guys. I think three of them, wereby he was over here in our yard and the boys them was in the neighbour yard and they had some altercation. However, the altercation escalated and the guys them jump over the fence…that is when they attacked him,” the son explained.

“He did fight back but since it was him against three guys, he was definitely unsuccessful.”

The son believes his father tried to escape.

“Like he tried to run so he run up upstairs and he was on the zinc and I heard either he jumped off or one of them pushed him off and he crawled, which is the position we found him in, he crawled under the house in that laying down position as if he was hiding for cover.”

The family is still trying to determine what might have caused the argument.

“It’s still pretty new to me and shocking so I haven’t received any other information as yet but there is some more information that we are trying to find out to put the pieces together but it was definitely take time,” the son said.

Noting his disappointment that no one in the community came to his father’s rescue, the son is demanding justice.

“No one deserve to go out like that, especially in the position we found him in. He died alone and he was a family man. He needed his family at that time but no one was home to assist,” the son said.

“I would have thought that at least someone would have come out or just shout or lend a helping hand or something to help assist him or what’s not but no, that wasn’t the case,” he added.

Washington was described as a helpful and jovial man. He was also a former member of the Guyana Police Force.

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