Mechanic stabbed to death; girlfriend’s uncle arrested


A 23-year-old mechanic succumbed Monday night, hours after he was allegedly stabbed by his girlfriend’s uncle over an old grievance at Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara (ECD)

Dead is Shivram Mohabir also known as ‘Vickash’, of Agriculture Road, Mon Repos  ECD.

Reports are that the suspect launched the attack around 18:30hrs while Mohabir was at his girlfriend’s Fifth Street, Martyrsville, Mon Repos house.

He was stabbed several times about his body and was rushed to a city hospital where he died while undergoing emergency surgery at around 10:30hrs.

In an interview with the News Room on Tuesday, the dead man’s aunt, Ruth Mohabir explained that about two weeks ago the victim and the suspect had an argument.

“Not Saturday gone, the other Saturday. The guy that got murder (Shivram) come home with his car. The guy that murder him, his wife and his children them run in front the car and when he (Shivram) tell them to move, the wife box he up and the son them run out with cutlass and when he (Shivram) run out to tell them move, she box he and he (Shivram) come out with the wood to go lash the son them with the cutlass and the wood end up catch the woman,” Ruth explained.

She said while the Police were involved and both parties were asked to return to the police station only Shivram did. As such, the matter was not pursued.

“The uncle come yesterday (Monday), go into the room, jump on him and stab him up on the bed,” Ruth told the News Room.

The suspect reportedly fled the scene and was apprehended by the Police on Monday night. He remains in police custody.

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