Relatives say post from collapsing shed killed Letter Kenny man


Relatives of Romesh Peters, the 57-year-old Corentyne man who was found dead after an argument with his son, are claiming that the man died after he was hit by a post from a collapsing shed.

The son, Vijai Peters, was arrested and remains in Police custody, but the relatives claim he had nothing to do with his father’s death.

It was alleged that at around 19:30 hrs Monday, the man and his son were engaged in an argument on the street infront of their home and at some point the fisherman left and ventured back into the yard.

Neighbour’s told police that shortly after they heard a noise and when checks were made they saw the fisherman lying on his back with injuries to his left side head.

A wooden 2×4 post that was holding up a shed attached to the house was also found near the fisherman’s body and he was picked up and taken to the Port Mourant Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The man’s daughter, Pamela Peters, said a wooden post from shed fell and hit her father.

The woman told the media that there was indeed an argument between her brother and her father on the street but she had pleaded with her father to go back in the yard and he complied.

She claimed that her father held on to a wooden post of a shed attached to the house and the post fell on him.

“…Suddenly me see the shed loose off with the post and me father fall down on the ground,” Ms Peters claimed.

According to the woman, at no point did her brother physically attack their father.

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