‘Use challenges and obstacles as stepping stones’- Sport Minister urges CAC athletes


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Charles Ramson Jr. has urged the country’s national athletes heading off to the upcoming Central American and Caribbean Games to use the challenges and obstacles they encounter as stepping stones in shaping their legacy.

The Games will take place from June 20 to July 8 in El Salvador and the Dominican Republic, with close to 70 persons set to represent the nation.

See full Press Release by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport

As part of the new sports protocol, the Honourable Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Charles Ramson Jr. met with the representative teams at the National Cultural Centre on Thursday evening from the 10 disciplines that will represent Guyana at the 24th Central America and Caribbean (CAC) Games, scheduled for June 20 to July 8 in El Salvador and the Dominican Republic.

The novel regulations, which is a collaborative apparatus between the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport (MCY&S), the National Sports Commission (NSC), the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA), and the relevant National Sports Federations, were conceptualised and implemented to the ensure symbiosis of structured systems and regulations for national programmes, contingents, and delegations representing the Golden Arrowhead.

It was established on the premise of ensuring that national sporting delegations representing Guyana are provided for and have at their disposal, the relevant and requisite structures such as but not limited to welfare, uniforms, per diem, medical provision and support, transport and travelling insurance, accommodation arrangements, flight provisions, and emergency protocol.

Executives of the Guyana Olympic Association (seated) with athletes and officials representing Guyana at the upcoming CAC Games (Photo: News Room/Avenash Ramzan/June 13, 2023)

Minister Ramson Jr. applauded all the athletes from the respective disciplines for being selected to represent Guyana, declaring that representing one’s country is truly the highest honour that can be afforded to an individual.

The Minister thanked the athletes on behalf of the MCY&S, the NSC, and the Government and people of Guyana for their impending service and initial sacrifices, and outlined that the aforementioned cadre inclusive of himself, will remain an unwavering ally.

Enthused by the improved relationship and budding partnership that exists between the MCY&S, the NSC, the GOA and the respective National Federations, Minister Ramson reiterated and assured of the Government’s continued development of the sports fraternity.

He emphasised to the gathering, which also included managers, coaches, a physiotherapist, doctors, Chef-de-Mission, and Deputy Chef-de-Mission, of the many infrastructural projects, programmes, and investment currently being undertaken, as a testament to the visionary leadership of the Government of Guyana to develop the sports ecosystem and its human capital.

He further explained, “The process will not change overnight, but you have our commitment that we are working and will continue to work to ensure that the necessary investments in developing the trajectory and key pillars for sport development and positive transformation of sport in Guyana are strategically made.”

Minister Ramson Jr. further implored the representative delegation to be great ambassadors, teammates, and examples of the nation.

He urged that despite the unique challenges that they might face and encounter, to be supportive of the burgeoning process, to grasp opportunities that are afforded, to develop through perseverance and utilise the challenges and obstacles as stepping stones and turning points for greater advancement in the creation of a legacy for not only themselves but the country which future athletic aspirants can inculcate and embrace.

“It is the orientation of your mindset in a positive direction whether in training in competition or in life that will determine your trajectory in sport and in life. This approach is applicable to sports and in your everyday life. The most successful persons in life and sports are the ones that see challenges as an opportunity for growth,” he affirmed.

Athletic coaches were also provided with the opportunity to have forthright discourse on the challenges encountered.

Nevertheless, numerous managers and coaches expressed their gratitude and thanked Minister Ramson Jr. for his decision to meet with the CAC delegation prior to their departure, which was a novel development and not a reality of the past.

Meanwhile, Vice-chair of the National Sports Commission Ms Christy Campbell extolled the delegation on being selected to represent Guyana and assured the gathering of the NSC’s unwavering commitment to the development of all athletes and the sports sector.

Moreover, Chef-de-Mission Dr. Karen Pilgrim confirmed on behalf of the GOA, that all structures, protocols and systems are in place to ensure that Guyana’s delegation is provided for and that she will work assiduously with the coaches, managers, and other support personnel to ensure that the athletes have a fruitful engagement.

A 69-member contingent will represent Guyana at the CAC Games. The team comprises 52 athletes, 13 technical officials, two medical officers, a Chef-de-Mission and Deputy Chef-de-Mission. Marisha Fernandes is the Deputy Chef-de-Mission.

The 10 disciplines that will feature at the championship are Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Fencing, Hockey, Swimming, Table Tennis and Weightlifting.

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