Improved security, youth facilities among govt’s plans for communities- Pres. Ali


After weeks of engaging people across the country ahead of the recently-concluded Local Government Elections, President Dr. Irfaan Ali says the government aims to satisfy the needs of communities in several key areas.

Dr. Ali, while addressing the Enmore Martyrs’ Day observance at Enmore, East Coast Demerara (ECD) on Friday, said common concerns were raised in every community he and members of his government visited over the past few weeks.

According to him, people want improved security, better infrastructure, more facilities for youth and the improvement of existing public centres like schools and health facilities.

And he said his government, in the coming weeks, will address each of these concerns.

To improve security, he said street lights will be installed in communities across the country while ‘safe zones’ will be established to allow people to freely but securely enjoy socialising in their communities.

Dr. Ali also committed to further road and drainage works across the country but noted that there will be an “aggressive” focus on developing community infrastructure, ensuring that residents themselves are involved in these works.

He also promised that new youth and recreational facilities will be developed as the government intends to deploy workers to monitor and manage these facilities and other public centres.

“We are fixing community problems now,” the Head of State declared.

As he made these commitments, he dismissed claims that the People’s Progressive Party Civic’s (PPP/C) would neglect areas where it did not receive the majority of votes in the recent elections.

“There’s a lot of false narratives that ‘oh, those who did not support the party in the Local Government Elections will see less resources and less presence of the government’.

“…. but this President will be going harder and stronger to win those hearts,” Dr. Ali emphasised.

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