Vegetarian restaurant Eco-gardens brings out unique menu for restaurant week


After making its debut at Guyana Restaurant Week last year, the Eco- Garden International restaurant is back again this year, offering unique vegetarian meal options to the fine dining experience.

The restaurant located at lot 173 Mandela Avenue, Alexander Village, Georgetown caters to persons who practice vegetarianism. It is obliquely opposite the Citizens Bank ATM.

Dionne Graham, the owner, on Monday told the News Room that a special dessert and vegetarian meats will be highlighted as part of its delicious menu for the fine dining experience.

The vegetarian chicken nuggets (Photo: News Room/ June 26, 2023)

“A new thing we created was our own steak – the vegetarian steak. People can come out and give us a feedback on that steak because it is new and we are getting good reviews on it so far,” Graham said.

Guyana Restaurant Week opened on June 23 and runs until July 2. At Eco-Garden Restaurant, Graham and her team are serving up special vegetarian dishes, including vegetarian chicken and vegetarian fish with a whole lot on the side, with plates going from $4, 500 to $7,000.

Graham said the service offered by the restaurant is a reflection of her passion for cooking.  She said she owned a snackette before migrating to the United States of America. Then she returned to Guyana in 2016 and resumed her cooking business and was able to open the restaurant in October, 2022.

Dionne Graham making the restaurant’s famous vegetarian soup (Photo: News Room/ June 26, 2023)

“The atmosphere that you get here is a friendly service. I continue to train my team to be friendly regardless of what happens,” she said.

The restaurant’s mission is to provide customers with nutritious and delicious plant-based meals. According to the owner, the restaurant currently does catering and delivery for customers. She added that for restaurant week, persons are asked to make reservations, which makes it easier for the chefs to prepare the meal in time for them to arrive and become comfortable.

She also said, “If you are not a vegetarian you can still come and we serve the fish the vegie chicken you can test that out, you can come and test that out and see how it works.

One of the delectable desserts offered by the restaurant (Photo: News Room/ June 26, 2023)

“We also have veggie sausage and veggie bacon so you can come and test that out for breakfast or for lunch.’

Importantly for restaurant week, graham challenged persons to test not only the special menu items but also the daily menus. She noted that this year, with every meal ordered, a portion of the sales will be donated to charities in Guyana.

Additionally, Graham and her team will soon expand the service to meet all parts of Guyana but at this time she said soon after restaurant week concludes, the restaurant will be open on Sundays as well. Currently the dining options are Monday to Saturday from 6:00hrs to 22:00hrs.

Persons who want to dine at the restaurant can visit Guyana Restaurant Week at

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