‘Be vigilant while on duty-Prison Director urged officers


Director of Prisons, Nicklon Elliot has advised prison officers to remain vigilant while on duty while noting that to do that they need to be fearless and confident.

“To be vigilant you must be fearless, observant, and confident. There must never be any doubt that you are observing, analyzing and ready to protect those under your watch,” a statement from the Guyana Prison Service (GPS) quoted Elliot saying.

Elliot made the call on Wednesday while conducting his quarterly muster and general inspection of of officers stationed at the Mazaruni and Timehri prisoners.

While reminding the officers that they should be confident when executing their daily duties, the statement said Elliot also pointed out the importance of the officers being aware of the roles in the the line of duty.

“You are ultimately responsible for safety, security, and supervision of inmates that are under your care,” Elliot said.

Over the next week, the Prison Director is expected to conduct the quarterly muster at the Prison Headquarters in Georgetown and the Lusignan Prisons.

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