AmCham Guyana re-elects President, Board of Directors at recently concluded AGM


See the full statement from AmCham Guyana below:


The American Chamber of Commerce of Guyana (AmCham) is pleased to announce the successful re-election of its President and Board of Directors during the organization’s 5th Annual General Meeting held last Friday, at the Guyana Marriott Hotel. 

Since its establishment, the purpose of the Chamber has been to provide a network and support structure for US enterprises doing business in Guyana. AmCham Guyana’s main success has revolved around creating a platform for its members to collaborate, and explore potential partnerships. This has been facilitated through business networking events, seminars, and workshops allowing US based entities to connect with the local private and public sectors. 

Mr. Devindra Kissoon, who has been instrumental in driving this recent growth and development, was unanimously re-elected as the President of AmCham Guyana, for a second term. The re-elected members of the Executive Committee include Ms. Iman Cummings, Mr. Shyam Nokta, and Mr. Eduardo Reple, who will serve as Vice Presidents, while Mr. Fitzroy McLeod has been re-elected to the position of Treasurer of the Chamber. 

The re-election of the President and Board of Directors reflects the continued trust and confidence placed in the leadership of AmCham Guyana. The re-elected Board of Directors, set to serve from 2023-2025, represent a diverse blend of American and Guyanese business entities from all major industry sectors within the country. These members include: 

Adam Rahaman 

InVentive Capital Logistics 

Alex Mistri 

HESS Guyana Exploration Ltd.

Dallas Thomas 

Praetorian Executive Protection Services 

Earl Carribon 

SOL Guyana Inc. 

Eduardo Reple 

Guyana Marriott Hotel 

Eshwar Thakurdin 


Fitzroy McLeod 

National Milling Company of Guyana Inc. 

German Ernesto Consuegra Jaluba Machinery Corporation of Guyana Inc. 

Iman Khan – Cummings 

Corum Restaurant Group Inc. 

Jon Charles Rhodes 

Baker Hughes Guyana Inc. 

Melissa Varswyk 

Georgetown American University 

Navindra Thakur 

Massy Distribution Guyana Inc 

Paul James 

Fix-It Hardware Black and Decker Inc. 

Phillip Rietema 

Esso Exploration and Production Guyana 

Rosh Khan 

Social Rank Media 

Shyam Nokta 

Environmental Management Consultants 

Vahman Jurai 

Halliburton Guyana Inc. 

Valeri Khan 

Queens Atlantic Investment Inc. 

During the 5th Annual General Meeting, members of AmCham Guyana were provided with an overview of the organization’s accomplishments over the past five years and its plans for future membership growth and service expansion. The meeting also served as a platform for members to engage in discussions, share ideas, and explore collaborative opportunities. 

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  1. Dickson RP says

    Guyanase need to open their eyes and not allow their new- found wealth to overrun them in stupidity. Else in the end the only group of crooks who will be pocketing billions of your dollars are the crooked theifing Americans. Before Guyana found oil, the evil Americans never missed an opportunity to condemn and criticize the country. Now with your new found wealth, they suddenly are your best friends bringing good tidings. They are literally stealing your oil …. getting it for free while dealing you with debts for another generation to still be paying. The longer it takes for you to open your eyes, the more dangerous it is for your leaders….. not the corrupted ones though. If President Ali tomorrow changes his mind and demand Guyana’s fail share of the windfall, the CIA will organize to assassinate him and engineer the PPP overthrow….forget their democracy….their version is DeMockRacy. Call on the PPP to look southwards towards BRICS and join. The US dollar is worthless and after August it will be exposed after the BRICS summit and the birth of their currency.

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