Missing for a day, 13-Y-O boy found dead at Bartica beach


Family members of 13-year-old Daniel Cameron are in mourning after the boy’s body was found floating at a beach at Bartica, Region Seven on Wednesday.

Cameron’s mother, Liloutie Cameron said Thursday that her son resided at Grove, East Bank Demerara but was sent to Region Seven after he insisted on staying with his grandmother.

She explained that he eventually fell sick and was taken to the Bartica Regional Hospital on Tuesday by his uncle who reportedly left him there.

The boy was not seen again until Wednesday, when police ranks who were searching for him, found his body.

“I send him by my sister in Essequibo to spend a week and after I send him there, he keep saying he want to go by his grandmother and he doesn’t want to come home back.

“I give in and said let him go and spend the time and come back but I wasn’t expecting to get news like this. These children never been away from me. This is the first time,” the woman said.

According to the mother, her brother left the boy at the hospital where he was scheduled to undergo an examination but when he returned, the child could not be located.

It was worrying because the boy was not feeling well and he wasn’t from the area.

His mother also said that the police did not mention any marks of violence but she was told he seemed to be bleeding from his nose. She suspects he was hit to his head.

Daniel attended Covent Garden Secondary school and according to his mother, he seemed to be interested in mechanical work as he “always had a screwdriver fixing something.”

She added that although his father is away from home most of the time because he works in the interior, the boy, his two brothers and sister spent a lot of time together when they could.

“The family ain’t taking the news nice, everybody studying for him, the children grieving…I am not feeling nice,” she said.

The police assured the mother that the investigation is still ongoing and she said the body is being sent to Region Four (Demerara- Mahaica) for the post mortem examination to be conducted.

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